Selling your domain is very simple

No costs pay only if you sell



Fill out the form, read the instructions and accept the conditions. By accepting the conditions you authorize us to sell your domain. You will undertake not to transfer it until the relationship is in place.



We create a landing page and provide you with the url where you will have to redirect (frame Redirect) your domain. From that moment the domain will be for sale. We just have to wait...

Build in

Build in

If someone is interested in your domain, they will accept your request and purchase it, you will receive the requested amount reduced by our commission by 25%

By filling out the form below and emphasizing the conditions you authorize us to sell your domain through the e-commerce platform

You will have to fill in the form in all its fields: Name and Surname, an e-mail you check often, the domain you want to sell (complete domain of extension: with the relative AuthCode and your economic request which must be greater of 25 euros.

The AuthCode or Authorization Code was sent to you by email at the time of purchase if the dominoo is .it, .com or .info. If you do not find the email or if the domain has another extension, you can request it from the provider where the domain is hosted via the control panel.

When we receive your data from the form we create a landing page for your domain (like this one) and we send you the url. You will need to redirect your domain to that url. You will need to do a simple Redirect. Can’t you do it? There is no problem, we will explain you step by step.

After this last operation your domain will be officially on sale and if it is entered it will land on the sales page, from where it will be possible to complete the purchase in the e-commerce platform

From this moment on, we just have to wait. If and when your domain is sold we will ask you for bank details and send you the amount you requested reduced by our commission of 25%.

NB: For the entire duration of the collaboration you will undertake not to transfer the domain and to keep the AutCode in a safe and protected place.

Page under construction. Our lawyer is at work!

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Se si tratta di un dominio .it o .com, il Codice Authinfo o AuthCode lo hai ricevuto per email quando lo hai comprato. Se non trovi la mail lo puoi comunque richiedere al tuo provider tramite il pannello di controllo.

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